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Below are some of the Hyperbidder's value propositions for Publishers

Ad Rate Maximizer

We developed our system to help both advertisers and publishers. One of the great features of our system is that we are able to fulfill one of the most seeked after publishers' demand. All publishers try different ad networks or exchanges to find a way to maximize their ad revenues. We have come up with a couple different solutions that help publishers do just that. They no longer have to go and look for different solutions elsewhere as we have it all at Hyperbidder.

We offer separate campaigns; one 'a la carte' campaign where advertisers bid on a single publisher's site, the ROV campaign which stands for 'Run on Vertical' where advertisers bid on a channel vertical we have, eg. Finance, and all publishers in this vertical get served by these ads (usually higher CPMs), then the RON campaign which stands for 'Run on Network' that includes all our publishers in our entire network. And finally, we have the slot assigned to publisher's own code or tag that is given to us by the publisher, which runs ads pulled from some other networks or advertisers that publisher directly works with. We are able to place them in such an order that our smart engine would only run the highest paying ads first, and if publishers' own ads have higher rates, it first serves publishers' ads. In other words, you are always in control and it is all automized based on how you want it to act and serve ads on your behalf.

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Brand Safe Ads

At Hyperbidder, one of our top priorities are to run and keep a clean network. We are only able to accomplish this by carefully screening and accepting only quality publishers that are brand safe. We are also very picky when it comes to our advertisers. We prefer to run ads of well known brands. We monitor and catch advertisers that try to sneak in ads that are impolite, inappropriate, or self executing with malware. We are always very careful in this regard as we want to keep a good name for our brand of Hyperbidder as well.

We only accept high standard advertisers and ads that are publisher friendly. We monitor both advertisers that sign up with us as well as ads that run through our exchange. Our priority is to protect both our publishers and brand advertisers, and we can only achieve this by monitoring both sides. We have been running a very clean ad exchange and we have managed this by being alert at all times. We decline and will keep declining offers, and certain advertisers that are not suitable to us and to our publishers. We simply are keen to keep Hyperbidder brand clean.

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Customized Campaigns

At Hyperbidder, publishers have the freedom in creating their ad campaigns in any way they desire. Publishers can choose the ad types, the location, the type of ads, and which other campaigns such as Hyperbidder ROV (Run on Vertical), and/or Hyperbidder RON (Run on Network) to include in their ad campaigns. Publishers are always in control of where, when and how their campaigns should be run.

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Real Time Bidding

All bidding in Hyperbidder is real time. All advertisers can see other bids and bid accordingly so that their ad runs more frequently than the others, especially on hot verticals or publishers. Real time bidding allows faster editing of bids which in return means higher payouts for publishers.

We believe we were the first company in advertising sector that had the words "Transparency", "Fairness", and "Real Time Bidding" on its web site with an effort to explain our technology and our philosophy. These words later became the trendy words to be used within the advertising industry.

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Back Up or Fall Back Tags

As mentioned previously, our publishers are always in good hands with us. Our smart engine, that is running our algorithms in the back end, always look out for our publishers, and serves the higher rate ads first. It only goes to the next best rate ad once the previous one is exhausted. So with this back up tag, which is the tag (the code) our publisher supply us with when creating their Hyperbidder ad campaign, publishers now never have to switch between different ad networks' ad tags on their server. With just one tag; our Hyperbidder tag, we are able to serve all ads from all diferent networks, advertisers, including ours while our smart engine does all the heavy lifting for them. Hyperbidder smart engine figures out and serves the highest paying ads, by switching automatically between the campaigns at ease, while supplying publishers with detail reports all in real time. Now instead of having ad council ads served as a back up reserve, you will always have real ads served from one of our 'a la carte', ROV (Run on Vertical), RON (Run on Network), or ads served by your back up code.

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Custom Reporting

We offer custom reports for both our advertisers and publishers. Our reports are dynamic and get updated in real time. Now our publishers never miss out on any info as they can capture all the data up to the nano second.

We built our technology from scratch and we did not use any third party solutions for any of our core technologies. All our real time bidding, ad serving, monetization, instant demographical real time chart drawing, and all our other technologies were all built through our in house engineers. We give our publishers dynamic and real time analytics and reporting to help them better measure their campaigns.

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CPC Backed CPMs

As our company name would suggest, we founded our company with one premise in mind; to be the ad exchange network where all buyers and sellers meet in a trusted place to do all their media buying and selling. Over time we had to reinvent ourselves as other companies caught up and created real time bidding platforms similar to us. We now offer not only the ability to bid on CPM, but the ability to bid on both CPM and CPC at the same time all in real time.

What advantage does this have for an advertiser? Simple. If an advertiser wants to pay for a CPM, they want to make sure that they get what they pay for. For example, an advertiser wants to pay $6.00 for a CPM on let's say apparel based channel and wants to receive at least three click throughs per CPM for that price. By placing a $4.50 bid on the CPM side, and a $0.50 per CPC, he gets what he wants. Advertiser then only pays $6.00 if there are three click throughs per thousand impressions, and if there is less than that, the advertiser pays the lesser amount.

This is something we have been working with our publishers as well. We always believe; if they do not have good traffic, then they do not deserve the higher pay. This way, we are able to differentiate the tier 1 publishers from tier 2 publishers and pay them accordingly while making a fair and leveled playground for all our brand advertisers. Our in house technology that prevents dublicate click throughs helped us gain full confidence of our brand advertisers. This way, we are confident we are able to offer the best solution to reward our brand advertisers as they do not have to pay extra for traffic that do not deliver results to the satisfaction of our brand advertisers. This solution is also accepted by our publishers as they realize they still get paid for ads viewed and only get paid a premium if only ads served returns click throughs as well. This solution of ours offers both brand advertising and performance based advertising in very affordable rates.

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