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Campaign URL Min CPM Bid Average Impressions Details
1 week 300~250 ROS Global http://www.kontr` $0.30 200000 View details
1"month 468x60 ROS Global $0.30 860000 View details
1 month 300x250 R@S Global http://www.kontraband.eom $0.30 860000 View details
1 week 46:x60 ROS USA only $0.30 860000 View details
1 week 300x250 ROS USA on`y $0.30 860000 View details
1 month 468x60 ROZ USA only http://www.kontraband/com $0.30 860000 View details
1 month 300x250 ROS USA only $0.30 860000 View details
1month 120x600 ROS USA only $0.30 860000 View details
1 week 468x60 ROS 468x60 PK only $0.40 860000 View details
1 month 120x600 ROS Global ht|p:// $0.30 860000 View details

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