Hyperbidder utilizes the Blockchain Technology and employs multi sig smart contracts for Security

Hyperbidder now accepts Crypto Currencies for Digital Ad Payments

We are an AI based Programmatic self serve proprietary Ad Exchange Network

We offer Desktop Video, Desktop Display, Mobile Video, Mobile Display, InApp & Connected

How Hyperbidder differentiates and what it offers to Media Buyers

Media buyers of today are very intelligent individuals. They do not only buy media, but also arm themselves with knowledge that empowers them with decision making process. They have different needs and different targets for each new campaign. So when they prepare their RFPs to be submitted, they have to challenge the Ad Networks precisely to ensure their requirements are met. In order to do all that, they have to closely follow the Ad Technology, its new players as well as the existing ones that are rolling new tools, and new solutions at all times. This is not an easy task as they are very busy professionals with deadlines. However, they are on top of everything as they understand that in today's world, their targeted audience can be anywhere, and everywhere multitasking on multiple platforms. This is why it is important to reach them where ever they may be; desktop, smart phone, tablet, smart TV. With this in mind, we, at Hyperbidder, believe we have to be an All In One Ad Network with multiple platforms to better serve our advertisers for their media buys. We continually develop different useful tools so they can be satisfied no matter how challenging their campaigns are. If we do not have a solution they require, we can develop it quickly. We developed this Network for Media Buyers.

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Hyperbidder Ad Accelerator


Calculates the real value of each impression

Follows your target audience

Geo-Targets your ad campaign

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2017 Second Quarter
Ad Trends

Hyperbidder has been receiving more demand for video ads in 2016 and first Quarter of this year

We believe this trend will also continue in 2017 surpassing the number we have seen in 2016.

There is a surge in video ads particularly in pre-roll ad demand.

Social Media Ad Segment is also growing steadily and it proves to benefit advertisers as well

For more info on Social Media, please visit:
Hyperbidder Social Media Study

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